Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Prep Courses and Study materials.

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Prep Courses and Study materials.

Your PMP Exam Prep

Studying for your PMP® exam can be scary, especially if you are self studying.  This books allows you to focus your studies by following Juan Martinez’s study plan that includes over 15 hours of embedded QR videos that walk you through the chapters of the PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition.  Each video highlights what he believes is important for you to know in each chapter, then follows that up with 1000+ test questions that use laser like focus on each individual chapter, and ends in 10 separate tests that cover all the chapters allowing you to understand your strong and weak areas.

Your PMP Flashcards

This set of 60+ flash cards offer a deep dive into the details of all of the 5 process groups, 10 knowledge areas, and 47 processes.  Each card covers a different topic with both written information and embedded videos with Juan Martinez teaching you the needed information for each individual card.  This allows you access to our video library with hours of material to make sure you have a solid understanding of the test requirements. A true must for passing the exam!

Application Services

Having a hard time completing your Project Management Professional (PMP) application? Let us help. Many students tell us that completing the application seems harder than the actual test itself. We are here to help! Choosing this product will allow you the ability to put down the time it takes some students up to 2-3 weeks to complete this tedious and nerve wracking application. We will call you, interview you,  and collect all the information needed for the PMP application. We will complete the application for you, sending you back the information so you can review and press send! That's correct, we will do it all for you for a small fee that allows you to start focusing your time on studying and other areas. Don't waste time, choose our application services now, and lets get this application done immediately!

Boot Camps

Need  an actual live instructor to help you get over this major milestone?  We offer open and private offerings of our PMP Boot Camp to help you get your PMP certification.  Our Boot Camp is a 4 day class that allows Juan to walk students through the entire PMP process and offers him the opportunity to provide the information in a way that truly helps the students understand the ins-and-outs hidden within the Project Management Body of Knowledge.  


Each student receives:

1.  A copy of his book, Your PMP Test Prep: 1000+ Questions & 15 Hours of Videos

2.  A set of Your PMP Flash Cards

3.  A copy of his follow-along workbook, Your PMP Workbook

4.  A copy of the latest version of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) - Fifth Edition, Project Management Institute, Inc. 2013

5.  Lastly, Juan will personally complete your PMP application with/for you

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